Lipstick has been around for centuries and even though it has the same name and purpose lipstick’s ingredients and purpose has gone through extreme changes.

Photo Credits: Rohan; Sept.4, 2018
Photo Credits: ROHAN; Sept.4, 2018

The makeup product known as Lipstick, is one of the oldest of all makeup products. This high pigmented lip product has been around for 5,000…

Eyeliner has been changed, updated, stylized and failed over and over again since it was first released. Where did it begin? And where is it at now?

Photo Credits: Aya Mufleh; April 9, 2019
Photo Credits: Aya Mufleh; April 9, 2019

Eyeliner has existed for thousands of years, beginning with the first Egyptians. However, the beauty world did not adopt this gorgeous trend until…

Makeup has been around for centuries for all genders. The way it’s been used and what it has been used for has changed so much since more than just the last 100 years.

Photo By DEA/G. DAGLI ORTI/De Agostini/Getty Images and Universal History Archive

What many people are surprised to find out is how long makeup has actually been around. Research…

The Aging of Makeup

Hello Gorgeous! Makeup throughout the last 100 years (from the 1920s until now) has changed drastically! Follow if you want to learn more get new ideas!

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