Makeup Has Become a Form of Self-Expression

The Aging of Makeup
2 min readSep 29, 2020


From what began as a way to look better on the big screen has now become a means to express yourself in everyday life.


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Throughout the decades makeup has evolved incredibly. From what began with a little makeup to look better on the big screens, to pigmented lipstick to wear around the town has become so much more. Makeup is now a way of life that many have chosen to use in order to express themselves.

From the article “How the Ideal Face of Makeup Looked Over the Last 100 Years” by Amanda Cruise (April, 2019) from Insiders, “the ideal face of makeup in the 1940's was nothing without red lipstick.”

People do not follow your typical makeup ideas anymore and have a more unique take on it. For example, some people still choose to wear red lipstick with their makeup look, some choose no lipstick at all. While some choose to wear blue, purple, pink, or black. The possibilities are endless!

Social Media stars have taken makeup to the next level with creators like James Charles, Carli Bybel, and Jeffree Star. These influencers show ways that you can use makeup to express yourself in unique and beautiful forms. From how to make yourself look like a porcelain doll to a magical leopard, they really know how to do it all.

Something amazing that has evolved in the makeup world is that it is now not just for women. Many men of all ages have now found a way to express themselves using makeup. With inspirations like James Charles, more young men feel free to use makeup as they please without the fear of harsh judgement in society.

Beauty Standards have aged in a beautiful way.



The Aging of Makeup

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