Trial and Error of Eyeliner Trends

Eyeliner has been changed, updated, stylized and failed over and over again since it was first released. Where did it begin? And where is it at now?

Photo Credits: Aya Mufleh; April 9, 2019
Photo Credits: Aya Mufleh; April 9, 2019

yeliner has existed for thousands of years, beginning with the first Egyptians. However, the beauty world did not adopt this gorgeous trend until the 1920’s when flappers and famous movie actresses would wear it to give their eyes a more sexy and less innocent appearance. At this time dark and intense eye looks were taking over in the beauty industry. Women would exaggerate their dark eye shadow with a thick layer of eyeliner on their top and bottom eye lids.

As time when on and the roaring twenties came to an end, the trendy and mysterious eye look was no longer in style while women decided to revert back to a more modest appearance; at least for the next couple decades.

Eyeliner made a comeback in the 1960’s and took the beauty world by storm. With new exciting and endearing looks makeup fans couldn’t say no! Not only was the eyeliner look back in trend but colorful eye shadow to go with it was irresistible to women who were bored of the same old trends from the last couple decades. Fancy trends not only accepted the cat eye look on but also above the eyelid. Famous GoGo dancers would often use the new release of white eyeliner to make their eyes appear much bigger which then spread to the public.

Although, the fancy and exciting use of eyeliner did lose some of its charm after the 60’s came to and end eyeliner was still popular throughout the next few decades.

Early 2000’s took a whole new approach when eyeliner became common for both men and women. At this time thick coats of eyeliner all around the eyes were only necessary to go with peoples chuncky highlights and neon hair streaks. As popular singer’s Avril Lavigne and bands like Panic at the Disco used eyeliner to make an image for themselves that many fans would follow.

Today, eyeliner is still used in many unique and different ways, some popular trends right now like the cat eye, like well known Ariana Grande wears in everyday life. Also, popular looks like the simple wing is probably the most common seen today.

Even though the use of eyeliner may not be used a intense as before, it is still a well appreciated product of the beauty industry that is able to find its way back into the magazines no matter what.



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The Aging of Makeup

The Aging of Makeup


Hello Gorgeous! Makeup throughout the last 100 years (from the 1920s until now) has changed drastically! Follow if you want to learn more get new ideas!