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The Aging of Makeup
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Makeup has been around for centuries for all genders. The way it’s been used and what it has been used for has changed so much since more than just the last 100 years.

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What many people are surprised to find out is how long makeup has actually been around. Research has found that the earliest makeup traces all the way down to ancient Egyptians from what has been found in their ancient tombs. However, the makeup they used, how they used it and what it was made of was extremely different than what it has evolved into today.

From the article “How Makeup Works” by Molly Edmonds (June, 2017) from People, “Cleopatra used lipstick that got its hue from ground carmine beetles, while other women used clay mixed with water to color their lips.”

Ancient makeup has been found on more than just the ancient Egyptians, it has also been discovered to be used by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

These ancient people used makeup for more than just a beauty aspect, which is still something that happens in makeup culture. Although, the ancient people were discovered to use their makeup for their health and hygiene. Also, was used for religious religious rituals.

The products that they had made for similar use to the products we have today. What they were made out of, however, were a whole different story. They would use harsh and dangerous products like ash, copper, metal and kohl in addition to many other odd substances that would never be found in makeup used today.

The ancient Chinese were actually found to have taken part of the world of cosmetics soon after, in 3000 B.C.E. They were some of the first traces back to the use of nail polish.

It was then evolved into face powder for a pale skin complexion which soon developed into the 20th century makeup that has become what we know as the cosmetic world today.



The Aging of Makeup

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